"What does life mean?"

"What do I want from life?"

"How do I make sense of what's happening to me?"

I work with people seeking answers to questions like these, both in one-to-one sessions and in groups. I offer a space for talking where you can seek answers, or perhaps find better questions. To talk like this is to find a spirituality, and spirituality is one of the most powerful things in life. To the extent that we engage with spirituality, we will feel alive and meaningful.


St Anne & All Saints', South Lambeth


10am - 3pm Sat 11 March 2006

St Saviour's Priory, Haggerston

I offer training, facilitated groupwork and supervision in aspects of spirituality and related areas, including the value of spirituality in the hospital setting. I work part-time as a Hospital Chaplain.

Once-upon-a-time a computer programmer and systems analyst, I now offer web design, training and computer support to individuals and organisations, especiality to those involved in aspects spirituality and religion.